About VBU Consulting

VBU Consulting is a legal entity under which its founder Vasil Buraliev offers services as a consultant for project management and software development.

The Team, Affiliates and Partners

Vasil Buraliev

Vasil Buraliev

Project and Product Manager, System Analyst, Consultant, Founder and CEO

Vasil can help you to articulate your business idea and transform it in a successful project that will bring business value to you and your organization.

His strong technical background is great advantage of establishing bridge between the business and engineering worlds. He is happy to coordinate and oversaw the parties’ activities until the provide required deliverables.

He is a consultant for project management and software development with a background in bespoke software development and 18+ years of professional experience in designing software systems and managing software development projects.


Goran Atanasovski

Goran Atanasovski

Graphical and Web Designer

Goran is a professional Graphic Designer with over 12 years of experience in this field. As a professional, he is skilled to meet all his clients’ requirements and he guarantee to execute his projects from Conception to Completion. He is responsive, highly organized and reliable, full with high-performing creative force. He will never miss a deadline and will never stop until you are 100% satisfied.

He has in-depth knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, software that he use daily to translate ideas into visual communications.


Mei Yee Leong

Mei Yee Leong

Virtual Assistant, Designer and Copywriter

A 29 year old British Born Chinese fire cracker with an old soul and young and fervoured spirit.

Mei brings a burst of creativity and out of the box approaches to each and every project she puts her hand to. With her unique and eclectic background and experience of art, marketing and design - your projects will go from dull and dreary to vibrant and engaging.

Mei is your go-to for one-off design and copywriting projects and your everyday Virtual Assistant needs.

Don't know what a Virtual Assistant is? Check out more information about that essential service here and here.


Software Development Partners

Emit Knowledge

Emit Knowledge

is our software development partner with a focus on bespoke web-based solutions.

They are outstanding software development team with great software engineers that knows how to utilize Microsoft development stack and wide range of web technologies.

We have really close relationship with "Emit Knowledge". The founder of "VBU Consulting" and the founder of "Emit Knowledge", Vasil Buraliev and Marjan Nikolovski have frequent gatherings at which they discuss about common topics related to organization perspective of an organization, new technologies and business ideas for building software-intensive products and SAAS.

We are always in a good mood for exchanging the experience and working together with the guys from "Emit Knowledge". We feel like we are a team, even though "VBU Consulting" and "Emit Knowledge" are two different entities, but with complementary competences, skills and knowledge.

VBU Consulting & Emit Knowledge

Sasho Mihajlov (Emit Knowledge), Vasil Buraliev (VBU Consulting), Marjan Nikolovski (Emit Knowledge)



is our website development partner.