Project Management

Get some goodest sleep while we manage your project to a successful story.

Let us take care for achieving your business objectives through managing your important project. We are able to set the baselines for the project that has to achieve the business goals. We will lead the project team members in the wonderful world of "getting things done" and We will deliver solution for the needs/improvements/issues that you will explain to us. We will bring value to you and your organization.

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Process Improvement

Let us make brilliant processes from your intuitive way of working.

It's not only about Agile, Scrum, Waterfall or Hybrid model. It's about respect, principles of communication and collaboration, it's about people. If you have appropriate persons in your team, half of the job is already done. Hire the appropriate guys, describe rules of the "game", empower the team members, teach them how to use appropriate tools and be with them in bad and good situations.
Let us, improve your process model.

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System Design and Bespoke Development

You need something specific to be developed that you can't find on the market?

Let us help you to articulate your business ideas into structured written format. Then, we design and implement specific software solution to support your work.
We do not deliver only custom software solution. We deliver care, the software that we deliver to be used and bring benefits to you and your business.

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Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA, Founder and CEO
Allure Strategies Inc., USA

Project and Requirements Management

Managing project that has to be result by website to offer various products and services for dental industry.

"I recently had a project that needed to be managed and through a referral I met with Vasil. We connected quickly as he was very responsive and easy to talk with and it was not long before I hired him. We worked together for about 4 months and during that time he was always available, a team player and easy to work with. He was organized and competent in the task that was asked of him and overall I had a very positive experience."

Robrecht Siera, CEO
Holoncom, Belgium

Requirements Development

Articulating vision about specific ERP software solution through vision statement, use-case model and BPMN processes

"It was a delight to work with Vasil. This guy is highly professional. I chose him because of his great looking reports, but once I started working with him, his real value as a analyst became quickly apparent."

Kristina Hadzi-Vasileva, CEO
Strategic Development Consulting, N.Macedonia

Web dashboard with statistical indicators

We hired VBU Consulting for developing software solutions for the quality of life database that we were implementing. Vasil proved to be an excellent collaborator, providing creative solutions in the process and at the same time being very flexible to our requests and changing circumstances. His work ethics is laudable and he was always finalizing tasks on time. We would welcome the opportunity to work with VBU and Vasil again.

Avner Friedman, CEO
Rocketo, Israel

Product Management

Established the baselines for the product development.

"Vasil has been with us for 6 crucial months. Vasil is a very talented product manager and a great team player. Vasil took the company and the product very seriously and was always communicative and helpful. I wish him great success in the future and think he will be a great catch for any company.!"

Amit Jayakaran, CTO
eTrac Inc., USA

Programming web app using ASP classic

Reset password and unlock Windows user accounts through simple ASP classic web application

"Delivered more than I expected. Great documentation!"

Ronald Tse, Founder and CEO
Ribose, Hong Kong

PlantUML class diagrams based on StarUML diagrams

Creating UML class diagrams with PlantUML based on provided StarUML class diagrams.

"Willing to communicate on requirements, self-driven production of deliverables. Look forward to working with you again!"

Christopher Vast, Founder, CEO
GovPlus, Netherlands
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Web dashboard with statistical indicators

From January 2018 until May 2019, I worked as an international consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Macedonia. During this project, Vasil came up with creative ideas and design that worked and stayed within oursmall budget. He showed he was a member of the team, rather than just an outside contractor that is interested in getting more hours. Vasil was prompt in responding to questions and made our –sometimes impossible –deadlines. I do recommend Vasil as a professional System Designer and Software Development Consultant. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.