VBU Music Registry (Data Engineering for Music Releases)

Starting from 2013 We do research about how we can help the music artists to gain their popularity, promote their music, and increase the income streams from their work.

At the same time, We were observing the attitude of people about how, when, and why they consume music nowadays, thinking how we can bring the technology in a line with a modern needs of common people.

We were thinking to bring the artists, musicians, publishers, interested parties from the public sector, media, and music lovers in a cycle in which everybody can find the benefit of using the System.

And, We started to build a system in which:

  • Information about music releases by artists will be collected, indexed, and promoted.
  • Artists, music bands, and musicians will have their own portfolio pages and will be able to develop more revenue streams.
  • Music lovers will be able to find new music releases and play their favorite once, purchase merchants, and use multimedia materiel for acceptable prices.
  • Media representatives will find multimedia information that they can use it and re-use it for competitive prices.
  • Organizations similar to ZAMP will be able to receive information about new artists and the latest releases.

The following diagram represents the current software components and the external system used.

VBU Music Registry Model